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About Milton IT

My name is Malcolm Halfhuid, I am a freelance software developer and founder of Milton IT. In 2002 I graduated from Twente University and started as a consultant at Accenture, developing management information systems for a couple of major companies. I quickly entered the world of Data Integration and acquired skills in Business Intelligence and data modelling. Gradually my attention shifted to web development, specifically Ruby on Rails. Thanks to a firm background in SQL I learned how to develop back-end web applications. My key interest lies in the integration of web and business applications.

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Services what I can do for you

Build your Website


I can develop your website using Ruby on Rails for the back-end. I use HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery and Bootstrap for fast front-end development.

Make your website responsive


Your website should be made accessible for all kinds of devices. I can make your website responsive while the site retains her look and feel regardless of the platform.

Integrate your website with your business

Bootstrap 3

As a data integrator I have experience with linking different applications and extract valuable information from them to a scorecard web application.


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